Find Us on Site Map THE BEST ITALIAN & EGYPTIAN  HEALTHCARE, SECOND OPINION  AND TREATMENT PLAN ORGANIZED FOR YOU  BY EMS DIRECTLY FROM  THE HEART OF THE MIDDLE EAST 24/7 CONTACT NUMBER (+2) 01000 40 67 97 English Arabic Latest News Italy has one of the world's top Healthcare Systems, its ranked within the top 3 Healthcare Systems worldwide by the World Health Organization (WHO). With scientific advances, the use of the latest medical equipment technologies and procedures, as well as many specialized experts, Italy has established its pioneering role in this area.  It has a wide range of physicians, specialists, nurses and hospitals which are the basis for a highly efficient Healthcare System, also known as the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN). In Italy, the number of clinics focusing on one or more specialized areas is rising. The advantages of such clinics are manifested in the effective treatment of patients as a result of research, experience, standardization and process optimization. Thus, the use of up to date technical equipment becomes more favorable in the individual case. The increasing specialization is the foundation for more innovative and high quality treatment.  When you go to Italy for medical treatment, you will be impressed by the many important values it has, such as precision, humanity, efficiency, courtesy, diligence and discretion.  These attributes build the groundworks for the recognized quality of Italian services. Healthcare in Italy Latest News EMSíS Services SECOND OPINION MEDICAL TRIP MEDICAL  REFERRAL AIR AMBULANCE EMSís Services HOME HEALTHCARE ON SITE         MEDICAL Mgt Our Company Our Company Second Opinion Second Opinion Our Partners Our Partners Medical Trip Medical Trip Home Care Home Care Medical Referral Medical Referral Air Ambulance Air Ambulance Career Career Contact Us Contact Us ON SITE         MEDICAL Mgt
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