Find Us on Site Map THE BEST ITALIAN & EGYPTIAN  HEALTHCARE, SECOND OPINION  AND TREATMENT PLAN ORGANIZED FOR YOU  BY EMS DIRECTLY FROM  THE HEART OF THE MIDDLE EAST 24/7 CONTACT NUMBER (+2) 01000 40 67 97 English Arabic SECOND OPINION Certified Second Opinion Receiving a Second Opinion is of the utmost importance, and is a valuable tool in the hands of the patient when deciding on the nature of medical treatment, as well as the location.  In many cases, consulting with another Home Healthcare Services medical professional can mean the difference between success and failure .      A Second Opinion can bring to light a different variety of tools that can be used for diagnosis and treatment and.... Elite Medical Services aims at offering to its clients the best medical care whether in Egypt or in Italy.  Offering a wide range of services, from a medical second opinion in collaboration with the top hospitals in Italy and if needed organizing your medical trip, to providing you with home health care services.  The mission of our team is to care about our clients and their well being opening new doors and advising more health care opportunities in order to provide them with nothing but the best.  Created in 2012, by Dr. Davide MAGED, Elite Medical Services has been designed to bridge the gap between patients and the best healthcare services in Egypt and Italy, aiming at recommending to its patients the various available treatment and recovery plans according to their needs, realizing the struggle patients and their families go through when faced with such circumstances.  EMSí dynamic team is committed to standing by you every step of the way starting from your diagnosis to your return home for recovery. Don`t hesitate to contact us for more information and to get your tailored treatment plan. HOME HEALTHCARE EMS takes pride in providing quality patient-centered Nursing Care to every patient we serve. Our goal is to provide our patients the best possible health care services. We have highly trained nurses who will look after....
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EMS Doctor at Home service brings healthcare to your doorstep by arranging to have a highly qualified GP physician consult with patients in the comfort of your home. We bring doctors to your home to offer you highly..... MEDICAL TRIP Medical Treatment in Italy Italy has one of the world's top Healthcare Systems, itís ranked within the top 3 healthcare systems worldwide by the World Health Organization (WHO). With scientific advances, the use of the latest medical equipment technologies and procedures, as well as many specialized experts, Italy has established its pioneering role in this area....
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