Find Us on Site Map THE BEST ITALIAN & EGYPTIAN  HEALTHCARE, SECOND OPINION  AND TREATMENT PLAN ORGANIZED FOR YOU  BY EMS DIRECTLY FROM  THE HEART OF THE MIDDLE EAST 24/7 CONTACT NUMBER (+2) 01000 40 67 97 English Arabic In collaboration with Latest News Receiving a Second Opinion is of the utmost importance, and is a valuable tool in the hands of the patient when deciding on the nature of medical treatment, as well as the location.  In many cases, consulting with another Medical Professional can mean the difference between success and failure .      A Second Opinion can bring to light a different variety of tools that can be used for diagnosis and treatment and which can confirm whether the recommended treatments are indeed the best ones for your case.  The doctor supplying a Second Opinion may have access to technologies or knowledge unavailable to your consulting Physician and this may enable us to suggest a more suitable solution.  For example, a doctor from your native country may suggest an invasive surgical technique due to a lack of familiarity with a technique used in another country that can produce better results or a shorter recuperation period. It is important to emphasize that a Second Opinion is meant to increase the Patientís options and provide a feeling of confidence that the chosen treatment is the right one for you. Latest News Why a Medical Second Opinion EMSíS Services SECOND OPINION MEDICAL TRIP MEDICAL  REFERRAL AIR AMBULANCE EMSís Services Latest News HOME HEALTHCARE ON SITE         MEDICAL Mgt 29 July 2015 3 August 2015 29 July 2015 29 July 2015 3 August 2015 Our Company Our Company Second Opinion Second Opinion Our Partners Our Partners Medical Trip Medical Trip Home Care Home Care Medical Referral Medical Referral Air Ambulance Air Ambulance Career Career Contact Us Contact Us ON SITE         MEDICAL Mgt
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